4 April 2018

Working soley for the purpose of making people dream.

J. Anthony Cruz is an electronic music producer & DJ based in Orlando, FL working solely for the purpose of making people dream. Throughout recent years, J. Anthony Cruz has had the honor and privilege of working with artists, creative professionals, aspirational brands and organizations in order to create sounds that evoke emotion, and most importantly incite aspiration.

In summer 2016, J. Anthony Cruz released his first album “Dream Sequence” which combines elements of future house, chill, rhythm & blues and hip hop to form the true sound of aspiration. Dream Sequence established a foundation and is currently licensed for playing within luxury enterprises worldwide such as Gucci, Cole Hann, Louis Vuitton Burberry, Brooks Brothers, Bloomingdale’s, Coach, and Mercedes-Benz among others.

Through employing a focused, minimalist methodology, J. Anthony Cruz desires for everyone to focus on the dreams and aspirations that are central to our being in order to ultimately realize true progress.

Beginning at childhood

J. Anthony Cruz has always had a strong sense of destiny and calling; he always knew that he wanted to leave an indelible mark on our world through his profession.

As a child, J. Anthony Cruz grew up in Boca Raton, a relatively affluent city in South Florida where he would spend countless hours tinkering with drum machines, record players, mixers and microphones in his bedroom. This is where his creative prowess was formed. His parents were highly supportive and always reinforced his aspirations no matter how often they would evolve.

“I want people to experience the freedom to explore their own dreams just as a child does. I believe if everyone experienced this freedom, we would be experiencing the collective progress that we should be. It is essential that people focus on their dreams no matter what.”

— J. Anthony Cruz