What I learned at Art Basel 2019

There are experiences in life that one can look back upon when their professional perspective has completely changed. This moment happened for me during Art Basel 2019 in Miami. Art Basel is one of the largest and most influential art shows in the world. Every year, work from some of the most well-known, technically skilled, and polarizing artists are displayed upon the expansive white-walled corridors for thousands of onlookers to see. Viewing the show was surely inspiring. One could not help but to be inspired by the visual forms displayed. However, listening while walking through the show provided even further inspiration. There was absolutely no music; just the voices show attendees echoing all around.

As I walked the halls, I heard people from all cultures and backgrounds expressing their opinions, critiques and utter appreciation. I heard people that spoke  french, spanish, italian and portugues among many other dialects all coming together to experience and appreciate pure uninhibited creativity. Over the years I (along with the help of my parents) have developed a relatively high level of “creative confidence”; but I would be remiss if I stated that internal questions and concerns never arise within my creative process. Questions such as:
- Is working on this is worthwhile and will anyone even care?
- Will anyone understand or appreciate this work?
- Should I “water down” my work in order for more people to understand it?
- Will this matter to anyone outside of myself?

As I experienced all of the elements of Art Basel first hand, I learned a valuable lesson that will surely stay with me throughout my professional career and beyond. “Be completely unapologetic about your artistic perspective because your perspective has been given to you in order to inspire others. Never compromise. Someone, somewhere will see, hear and be inspired by your perspective. Your perpective is what’s valuable.” #ToProgress